Dear Residents

In June 2020 RoDMA were approached by Streetfood Markets for permission to operate a small street food market on the Corniche area.  The events and hospitality sectors had been severely affected during the pandemic and RoDMA were happy to support them.  RoDMA’s only intent was to help local businesses and offer increased food diversity to the local population.  RoDMA permitted Streetfood Markets to operate a small food market initially on a two-week licence for a nominal fee to simply cover staffing costs.  A success was reported and a request for an extension was received.  Licences have since been granted to Streetfood Markets, at their request and for short term periods only.  At no stage has a request been submitted to allow the market to trade on the area permanently.

Unfortunately, since opening the market RoDMA has received complaints detailing excess waste, anti-social behaviour and excessive noise.  These are just a few examples.  With the majority of the complaints being associated with the start of the market.  The frequency of the complaints increased mainly during warm or windy weather.  RoDMA raised these concerns with Streetfood Markets to assist them and allow them to be addressed.  Currently there is no CCTV camera covering the Corniche which has made it difficult to determine where the issues are originating from and so making it harder to resolve.

The situation became untenable in February 2021 when RoDMA received a number of complaints and images of the area over a two-week period. RoDMA initially limited the market trading hours but this did not have the desired effect.  RoDMA revoked Streetfood Markets Licence on 28 February 2021 and a four-week review period commenced.

During this review period:

  • RoDMA have arranged for a CCTV camera to be installed in the area, installation time scale, approximately 4-5 weeks.
  • RoDMA received a significant number of emails in support of the market and acknowledged a petition in support of the market (RoDMA were only made aware of the support for the market, once it had closed)
  • No complaints were received during this time regarding the Corniche area.
  • RoDMA received less reports of excess rubbish.

RoDMA are taking into account local residents and businesses’ concerns and comments.  A decision has yet to be reached as to whether the market can re-open, although it has been agreed that the market should only operate once the CCTV is in operation.  RoDMA have been and will continue to be in discussions with Streetfood Markets to seek a workable solution.

RoDMA acknowledge that this past year has been extremely difficult for both individuals and businesses’ but hopefully we can start to look positively to the future.

Royal Docks Management Authority (RoDMA)