Live Events in London’s Royal Docks

Millions of people travel every year to this historic part of London. They come to be a part of the numerous live events in London, taking place on the waterfront. From speedboat racing to free festivals and firework displays, as well as dozens of exhibitions and shows, there’s always something going on here.


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Streetfood Markets, Royal Victoria Dock 

Monday to Sunday 

The Royal Docks Market is a successful weekly street food market, operated by the Streetfoodmarkets Ltd team on the Royal Victoria Docks corniche site in front of the Good Hotel. This market is open Monday to Sunday, from 11 am until 8 pm. Offering the finest local street food on a weekly basis. 

Featured street food brands that can be discovered at the market are Mexican Salse (Mexican street food), Great Grace Caribbean (Caribbean), Rumbling Flames (Burgers & BBQ Shish), Naan O Peyaz (Afghanistan street food), Snow White Catering (Middle Eastern Shawarma), Howe & Co Fish & Chips (Traditional fish & chips), VIPDogs (Gourmet hotdogs). Plus we offer Halal, vegan and vegetarian options. 

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Ebb and Flow

09 – 30 Sept 2023

Can the river be an artist? Ebb and Flow is an art installation created in collaboration with water surrounding Royal Docks Floating Gardens.

The river is a source of constant change and repetition. This will be reflected in an art installation created in collaboration with water, also acting as an artist. The continuous movement in the docks will activate the textile installation, transforming it into a durational performance.

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Disney in London

Opening 13 October 2023

The Walt Disney Archives has opened its vault of treasures, showcasing hundreds of extraordinary objects, including many of Disney’s “Crown Jewels” – more than 250 rarely-seen artefacts and works of art, costumes and props, and other incredible memorabilia. 

Ten imaginatively themed galleries showcasing renowned classics from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) to Encanto (2021), including the latest members of the Disney family – Pixar, Star Wars and MARVEL!

A chance for families, children and loved ones to celebrate their love of Disney’s most timeless stories!

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