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RoDMA are the managing, operating and administrative body of the Royal Docks water areas and its marine infrastructure (including locks, bridges and dock walls). It controls KGV lock giving access to and from the docks, passage of vessels therein and issues licences for short and long-term use of the water. It is also responsible for upholding the bylaws for the water area and the dock edges. These bylaws also lay down levels of public behaviour and provide regulations for the movement of vessels and other activities in the water.

Vessels are authorised enter the Royal Docks through KGV Lock. The docks support the activities of marine operators in providing a facility for loading/unloading, engineering and building marine plant and structures. The docks are navigable by craft of all sizes up to and including sizeable ships. The docks receive visits by naval and merchant vessels, such as the bi-annual defence show DSEI, Oceanology and an array of coastal and offshore vessels.



The booking is on a first come first served basis and is secured only by a fully completed booking form. The booking is confirmed by email/website on receipt of a fully completed form, once it has been de-conflicted with other movements. Provisional bookings (i.e. incomplete forms) will be annotated as provisional in our events diary and only confirmed on receipt of a fully completed booking form.

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In May 2020 RODMA worked with Kilnbridge, Mammoet and Thamescraft on a pioneering project. The Royal Docks locked in a 91m LOA semi-submersible barge, loaded two 36 x18m concrete hulls (built in the Royal Docks) with SPMTs onto the semi-submersible barge, then submerged the barge to 8m below chart datum in KGV Lock in order to float off the two concrete hulls. The hulls will now be turned into floating restaurants for Canary Wharf.