Water Safety within the Royal Docks

Now the warmer weather is here, we are experiencing the usual spate of swimmers in the docks. We understand the need to cool off and, although it may be tempting in the hot weather, we urge you to refrain from swimming. There are hazards, particularly on the dock edge and false quays, where a swimmer could easily get into difficulty.

Misuse or Taking of Life Rings

The misuse or taking of life rings is a really serious issue and in the worse case could lead to the loss of life. We ask you to stop and think about how you would feel if it was your family member/child that drowned because there was no life ring in the place where it should have been?

Whilst we will continue to check life rings in the morning (Monday – Friday), we cannot monitor them across all 13km of Dock Edge during the day. 

So please help us:

• Talk to your children about water safety and not to remove the life rings

• Return any life rings to us that are found in the area

• Report to us on 0207 511 5086 when one is missing

Stay Away From the Edge!

There are lots of risks you cannot see below the surface!

Depth perception – our docks average at 8m of depth. As you cannot put your feet down you may find it extremely hard to get out.

Hidden under water dangers – Plant life, debris and hidden objects may get tangled round your limbs and trap you in the water making it very difficult to get out but also causing injury.

Cold temperatures – due to the depth of our docklands (averaging at 8m) the water will be colder than you think. Low temperatures can cause blood to rush away from your muscles to protect vital organs and this can lead to drowning.

Water Activities

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Sea Cadets

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Wake Boarding

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