Environmental Monitoring

As the largest enclosed docklands in the world there is a continual requirement to maximise the efficiency of our operations in order to minimise impacts on the marine environment. Environmental monitoring undertaken includes bathymetric surveys, sediment sampling and analysis for physical characteristics and contaminants and regular water quality sampling.

Latest Water Quality Assessment

The Royal Docks preliminary ecological assessment provides baseline ecological information for the site. This assessment describes the ecological measures required to maintain and enhance key areas within London’s Royal Docks.

Although the survey was undertaken outside the bird breeding season, suitable breeding habitat was identified for protected species. Peregrine, kingfisher, herring gull, linnet, house sparrow, dunnock and starling was observed foraging during the survey.

The results of ecological monitoring studies are currently being reviewed and include regular monitoring of flora and fauna.

Preliminary Ecological Assessment


Maintenance Dredging

We manage our maintenance dredging and disposal operations in a responsible and sustainable manner, in accordance with a marine licences issued by the Marine Management Organisation and the Port of London Authority. Maintenance dredging is necessary for safe navigation through King George V bellmouth, King George V Lock and when necessary the wider docklands.

Oil Spill Contingency Plan

London’s Royal Docks maintains an Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP) in accordance with the Merchant Shipping (OPRC Convention) Regulations 1998. The plan has been developed through consultation with local bodies and is approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The plan details the structured response to a pollution incident

The Royal Docks retain equipment and trained personnel on site ready to respond to any small incident (Tier 1) and has a contract in place to bring in a Tier 2 organisation should it be necessary.

RoDMA regularly tests the OSCP, exercises personnel and maintains oil spill equipment.