Commercial Use of the Docks

As well as a centre for regeneration the docks are still operational and RoDMA works with business partners on projects that take advantage of the large and deep moorings as well as the large areas of dockside space.

London’s Royal Docks can be accessed 24 hours per day. Unlike most of the other docks in London, we accept low water lock-in/outs; reasonable night time working and uninterrupted access to the dock edge for loading/unloading by crane or other means. There are a number of long term moorings for layover berths and facilities for temporary moorings close to King George V Lock.

Rent a mooring

London’s Royal Docks are the largest enclosed docks in the UK, the closest to Canary Wharf, London City Airport and central London, and easily accessible by road or rail.

The docks still accommodate and service the Cruise market or indeed offer large commercial vessels of any kind lay-up and transit berths all year round. As long as a vessel can be accommodated by the 243 metre long and 30m wide ship lock there is plenty of facilities and quay space for passengers, cargo or the transfer of materials.

We are also able to offer short term temporary non-tidal moorings alongside the Excel Exhibition Centre for the super yacht market. We can offer low water lock-in/outs; accessible 24hrs 24/7 security 365 days of the year, with majority of the docks covered by CCTV.

Vessel maintenance & mooring facilities

  • Over 1500 sq m of lock edge space
  • Electricity supply available
  • Suitable for lightship surveys/engine changes/vessel refurbishment
  • Dock edge storage
  • Short-term and long-term availability

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Filming location

London’s Royal Docks is a very film friendly arena that welcomes productions of all sizes, it offers a practical and versatile locations at a variety of environments and settings ideal for filming work.

You’ll discover a vast and varied portfolio of filming locations here, from gritty, industrial areas to gleaming open spaces with the spectacular backdrop of Canary Wharf and the O2. We’ve hosted productions ranging from feature films (Sherlock Holmes, The World Is Not Enough) to TV programmes (Ashes to Ashes, EastEnders) and many smaller drama, documentary and commercial productions.

Assistance and charges are tailored to each project. Our team can advise on ideal locations and help you negotiate necessary permissions.

For more information, please contact Film Office