RoDMA were pleased to receive the email below which reiterates the importance of why life rings are situated around the docks.

Hi, Last April a woman jumped from the top of the middle of Royal Docks bridge. I happened to be helping out with the local Parkrun that morning and saw her fall. I managed to swim out to her, get her to the excel side and with the help of the excel security and emergency services she was pulled out of the water and taken to hospital. I also was taken to hospital for hyperthermia.

As I swam out to try and help her, I turned around and asked a passer by to throw me one of the orange life rings that are dotted around the docks. When I got to the struggling lady I managed to prop her up on the life ring and swim us both to the other side. Without the life ring I don’t think this would have been possible and who knows what would have happened.

I know this summer especially, people have been removing rings constantly around the dock edge for a casual dip and not putting them back.

I just wanted to email to thank whoever from the Royal Docks team is putting them back everyday for their tireless work and that while I’m sure it is frustrating for them, having the life rings there is very much appreciated. Thanks.

RoDMA would like to thank everyone who helped with the rescue. We hope that all parties have recovered well.