The centenary of The Silvertown Explosion at Brunner Mond munitions plant will be commemorated in January 2017 with the latest in the series of Forgotten Stories, the Royal Docks heritage project.

Seventy three people died and 500 were injured in the biggest explosion there had ever been in the history of London, Fifty tons of TNT exploded, destroying 900 houses and damaging an astonishing 70,000 further homes. The incident was kept secret until 1950 – and the Royal Docks Management Authority is looking for people to contribute their memories to the project.

Did you or your family used to work in or grow up in or around Silvertown at London’s Royal Docks? Do you remember hearing any family stories about the Silvertown explosion? Perhaps a member of your family experienced the explosion first hand and has their own story to tell?

Mike Luddy, Managing Director of RoDMA, the Royal Docks Management Authority says: “Our Forgotton Stories programme has already revealed some amazing memories from local people who recall when the Royal Docks was the primary entry point for goods for London. It’s already created a fantastic visual and verbal archive of the docks in its prime. The Silvertown Explosion was a terrible but important point in the history of the docks and its right that we should mark its centenary by seeking to capture memories of relatives who can recall the event.”

Anyone who is interested in taking part in London’s Royal Docks ‘Forgotten Stories of Silvertown’ project to please get in touch with or You can also call us on 01273 775520 or get in touch via our Facebook page @LondonsRoyalDocks.

photo credit: Historic England