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The Community Shop Newham

The Community Shop Newham has now closed. The project was very successful and we have been informed that trading at the Corniche was a great experience for all the traders involved. Thank you to everyone who supported this venture.

Royal Docks Management Authority (RoDMA)

The Community Shop Newham

Please come along and support The Community Shop Newham. You can shop their selection of handcrafted gifts made by local artisans or attend one of their craft workshops or events. They will be open until 22 August 2022.

A Right Royal Docks Jubilee!

A party fit for a Queen is in store when the Commonwealth Games Baton Relay arrives in the Royal Docks on Sunday 5 June to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. Head to the Royal Docks on the newly opened Elizabeth line (arriving at Custom House) for A Right Royal Docks Jubilee! featuring grime artists, world-class ballet dancers, sculptors, painters, footballers, a flotilla, street parties and a free concert called A Right Royal Docks Knees Up.

The Queen’s Baton Relay gets the party started in style, as it travels around this vibrant part of London, visiting all the events taking place to celebrate the Queen’s historic 70 years of service. Take a look at some of the places you can see it, and the exciting events happening across the day. #RDJubilee

Key moments to look out for ahead of the finale concert, include:

Ballet and Boats – ExCeL and Dockside, 2.30pm-3.30pm

(DLR: Custom House)

The party starts when the Queen’s Baton Relay arrives at Royal Victoria Square by ExCel at 2.30pm for an exclusive performance by English National Ballet’s ENBYouthCo featuring local dancers and a new score by pianist Benjamin Kahn.  Then the baton takes to the dock waters on a 25-boat flotilla. Head to the waterside from 3pm to see it travel across Royal Victoria Dock to Royal Albert Wharf on dragon boats, rowing boats and lifeboats.

Festive Family Arts – Pumping Station Square, 4pm

(DLR: Gallions Reach)

Meet professional artists from Bow Arts’ RAW Labs and join in free drawing, sculpting and puppeteering sessions for all the family, plus music, food and drinks.

A Right Royal Docks Knees Up – Royal Victoria Gardens 3pm-8pm

(DLR: King George V)

Don’t miss this exciting celebration concert in the park named after the Queen’s great-great-grandmother, including:

  • Traditional East London pram race
  • Music from Vincent Bugozi (Afrobeat, Reggae, Afrocuban, and Pop) and Capitol Motown And Soul Band
  • Bollywood-inspired dance by BollyRed dancers
  • Performances by young people from Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation

Food and drink stalls

A Right Royal Jubilee Events Page



RVD Footbridge – Lifts

The Royal Victoria Dock (RVD) Footbridge is a high-level bridge which bisects RVD and provides a route from Excel (close to the DLR Custom House Station) over to Britannia Village. It had two lifts that were installed at each end of the bridge.  These lifts were poorly designed for the situation.  The top of the lifts are open to the elements and should have been fully enclosed.  This has caused numerous issues over the years.  The lifts are now beyond their economic life and have real reliability issues, regardless of the sums of money which are spent on them.

RoDMA are responsible for the maintenance and refurbishment of the RVD Footbridge, but not capital replacement of items such as the lifts. In 2014 it was announced that the developer for the Silvertown Quays (Millennium Mills) had included in their design a new bridge at dock level to cross RVD from the same location on the Excel side to link up with the new development and provide direct access from the planned Crossrail Station.  The intention was to have an opening (swing bridge) mechanism to allow ships to pass into the western end of RVD.  The plan was that the high-level bridge would then be removed.  At this point it was decided that no further options would be considered for replacement of the lifts and that their life would be extended until the new bridge was constructed.  This was delayed when the investor pulled out of the development but was recommenced by the new developer in 2018.

In 2016 a decision was made to reduce the number of operating lifts on each side to one and focus all the effort in keeping these two running. In 2017, £40k was spent on refurbishing the bridge, dealing with corrosion spots and refreshing the paintwork.  Many planks on the top of the bridge and walkways were also replaced.  This was followed later in that year by investing a similar amount in the lifts to replace the door controllers and increase their reliability under guidance from Alimak, the manufacturer.  This has increased their reliability, but the lifts are still subject to random breakdowns.  Towards the end of 2018, RoDMA invested in a purchasing spare parts for the most likely breakdowns to save on the manufacturers extended lead times.  The has resulted in a reduction in time from failure to rectification.

In 2018 a decision was made by the GLA to retain the existing bridge. RoDMA have had feasibility studies conducted to look at design options to replace/modernise certain elements of the lifts. We currently await a breakdown of costings before this project can be advanced.

The bridge is cleaned daily. Unfortunately, RoDMA staff have to deal regularly with the results of individuals urinating and defecating in the lifts.  The doors of the lifts are frequently kicked in by individuals which causes failure and then they have to be removed from service.  RoDMA continue to do all they can to present the bridge in its best condition and welcome the support of the general public in doing so.

Unfortunately, because of the age and uniqueness of the equipment some parts are not readily available, a consequence being that these parts must be made to order, which incurs a long lead time. The lift contractor has attended site several times recently and did restore functionality of the lifts. However, after several weeks of operation there is now a fault on the NE lift door closing mechanism, which is being addressed within the next week.

When a problem arises with one lift RoDMA are obligated to secure power to both sides of the bridge.

We apologise for the continuing inconvenience this causes the people which live and work around the area, everything is being done to ensure the lifts become operational as soon as possible.

Kids’ Summer Splash

This summer brings the return of Kids’ Summer Splash. Swimming, sand castles or relaxing on the beach with some tasty food and drink, the choice is yours.

The event will be open 31 July – 22 August 2021.

Kids’ Summer Splash is free to attend, but you must book in advance.

This event is managed by The Royal Docks Team. Please visit the Royal Docks Team website here for more information and all queries.

Update – Street food market – Corniche

Dear Residents

Street Food Market – update

In April RoDMA explained the reasons why a street food market was permitted to operate on the corniche.  As you are aware the market generated several complaints and the market was closed for a period until these concerns could be addressed.

Since the closure of the market RoDMA has received a significant number of emails plus a petition in support of the market. Local businesses have also informed RoDMA of their concerns if the market were to return.

As previously stated, our only intent when permitting the market to trade was to help local businesses and offer increased food diversity to the local population.

While the market has been closed RoDMA has been in communication with the market organiser Streetfoodmarkets Ltd (SFM) and has discussed both residents and businesses’ concerns. RoDMA requested that SFM develop a working plan of actions and solutions that would address these concerns.

RoDMA feel that SFM now have a full understanding of the issues trading on the corniche brings and they have devised a plan that is detailed and well organised.

RoDMA also said that we would arrange for a CCTV camera to be installed on the area and we are pleased to inform you that this is now in operation.

Therefore, RoDMA have decided to allow the street food market to return to the corniche for an initial 4-week trial period.

The trial period will commence on Wednesday 2 June 2021 with trading days being Wednesday – Sunday between the hours of 10am – 8pm.

During this period RoDMA will monitor the market closely.  Any complaints/messages of support will be communicated to SFM to address, within a timely manner.

After this period RoDMA will meet with SFM to de-brief and discuss the trial.

Please note that any licence permitted to SFM will be short-term.  RoDMA may permit alternative events to take place on the Corniche.

RoDMA acknowledge that this past year has been extremely difficult for everyone. Life is starting to unlock, albeit cautiously, if we can all work together and support one another the Royal Docks can become a vibrant and exciting area for all to enjoy.

Royal Docks Management Authority (RoDMA)

Update – RVD Footbridge

In July 2020 we reported the history and the on-going challenges that RoDMA have encountered maintaining the RVD Footbridge. If you are a regular user of the RVD Footbridge you will be aware that the lifts have not been in operation for some time now.

The current issue is that several parts require replacing that operate the door mechanism. Unfortunately, because of the age of the equipment some parts are not readily available, a consequence being that these parts have to be made to order, which incurs a lead time.

It is planned to have everything installed, commissioned, and the lifts fully operational by the end of June 2021.

We apologise for the continuing inconvenience this causes the people who live and work around the area, everything is being done to ensure the lifts become operational as soon as possible.

Update Street Food Market – Corniche

Dear Residents

In June 2020 RoDMA were approached by Streetfood Markets for permission to operate a small street food market on the Corniche area.  The events and hospitality sectors had been severely affected during the pandemic and RoDMA were happy to support them.  RoDMA’s only intent was to help local businesses and offer increased food diversity to the local population.  RoDMA permitted Streetfood Markets to operate a small food market initially on a two-week licence for a nominal fee to simply cover staffing costs.  A success was reported and a request for an extension was received.  Licences have since been granted to Streetfood Markets, at their request and for short term periods only.  At no stage has a request been submitted to allow the market to trade on the area permanently.

Unfortunately, since opening the market RoDMA has received complaints detailing excess waste, anti-social behaviour and excessive noise.  These are just a few examples.  With the majority of the complaints being associated with the start of the market.  The frequency of the complaints increased mainly during warm or windy weather.  RoDMA raised these concerns with Streetfood Markets to assist them and allow them to be addressed.  Currently there is no CCTV camera covering the Corniche which has made it difficult to determine where the issues are originating from and so making it harder to resolve.

The situation became untenable in February 2021 when RoDMA received a number of complaints and images of the area over a two-week period. RoDMA initially limited the market trading hours but this did not have the desired effect.  RoDMA revoked Streetfood Markets Licence on 28 February 2021 and a four-week review period commenced.

During this review period:

  • RoDMA have arranged for a CCTV camera to be installed in the area, installation time scale, approximately 4-5 weeks.
  • RoDMA received a significant number of emails in support of the market and acknowledged a petition in support of the market (RoDMA were only made aware of the support for the market, once it had closed)
  • No complaints were received during this time regarding the Corniche area.
  • RoDMA received less reports of excess rubbish.

RoDMA are taking into account local residents and businesses’ concerns and comments.  A decision has yet to be reached as to whether the market can re-open, although it has been agreed that the market should only operate once the CCTV is in operation.  RoDMA have been and will continue to be in discussions with Streetfood Markets to seek a workable solution.

RoDMA acknowledge that this past year has been extremely difficult for both individuals and businesses’ but hopefully we can start to look positively to the future.

Royal Docks Management Authority (RoDMA)