Colin Grainger recalls the unlikely fruit of his grandfather’s labours in the Royal Docks over 50 years ago.“Whenever a ship delivering fresh fruit docked, there was always plenty of that in the houses which the dockers smuggled out under the coats. One particular fruit led to something that became legendary in our family.

My granddad Fred finished eating some grapes and said he would plant the pips to grow a grapevine. Everyone ridiculed him and he did it scores of times and eventually one summer the plant started to grow. We were all amazed.

That vine spread over the entire garden, over the old bomb shelter that became granddad Fred’s garden shed, and up towards my auntie Anne’s rooms upstairs, over the outside toilet and into neighbour’s gardens.

That started in the late 50s, and only died off when my nan’s home was compulsory purchased to be knocked down 30 years later.”